Tarot Reading, Spiritual Orientation


About Monakiri

  • Graduate in Psychology 
  • President of Monakiri Mystic Place store
  • President of Monakiri Cultural Center
  • Reiki Master 
  • Iniciated Afro Brazilian  matriz Candomble  Ndandalunda (Osun) Daughter
  • Healear and Spiritual Coaching

Ebos ( Spiritual Cleanings for all kind of situations)

Tarot reading and Deep Aura cleaning Candomble style.
This technique using prayers, baths clean your bad energy and spells.

Cowrie – Shell Divination Game and Kabbalah numerology of Odu Game.
Check about your destiny and receive spiritual orientation.

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Tarot Reading - Program 2.- 150$

Receive a crystal and small protection stone and a prepared candle. The package designed exclusively for you and review the Tarot to clarify your doubts and follow spiritual guidelines. One Tarot reading per month lasting 10 minutes each, for 3 months.

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Spiritual Help - Program 3.- 1200$

Receive spiritual help and answers to your questions. Tarot reading twice a month (10 min each) for one year.

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Spiritual Coaching - Program 4.- 1600$

Spiritual Coaching, mental reprogramation, blessings, open roads , atract more love, healthy, prosperity in your life.

8 sessions once a week

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Spiritual Cleaning - PROGRAM 5

Business house, apartment or farm. Cleaning bad energys from your business and atracting more prosperity. Removing bad spirits and bad energy from your house or apartment. Call for consultation

Reiki - Program 6.- 100$

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation.

Reiki means Higher Power, Wisdow of God, spiritually guided life force energy

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Energize With Crystals - Program 7.- 150$

The use of the energy of Crystals is an alternative that promote deep changes in your life .The energy of Crystals are powerful to purifying the mind , cleaning the negative thoughts and reduzing stress. They bring protection and balance for your body . You become more healthy, happy and peaceful.

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Aura Cleaning- Program 8.- 200$

Cleaning the Aura makes us feel more vibrant, clear, happy and balanced.

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